Game creators can now quickly produce limited edition, rare and exclusive items based on their IP by using the Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform from Reality Gaming Group. In addition, the publisher’s new Reality Studios division will develop games that digital utilize collectibles and blockchain technology

Reality Gaming Group has launched a new platform that enables game developers and publishers to turn their IP into digital collectible items, opening up new revenue streams in a sector estimated to be worth $100 billion1.

UK-based Reality Gaming Group’s Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform uses innovative blockchain technology to turn any IP into a rare and collectible digital asset that can be traded between fans using dedicated marketplaces.

For game developers holders, the DAT Platform takes care of the heavy lifting required to break into the digital collectibles market, encompassing the creation of the rare assets by ‘tokenising’ them on the blockchain; the provision of a dedicated online store where the collectibles can be bought; a trading platform for fans to sell items peer-to-peer; and finally, even the creation of a game by the firm’s Reality Studios operation that the digital assets can be used with.


The latter element will be handled by the publisher’s new Reality Studios division, which develops games that utilize collectibles and blockchain technology.

The digital collectibles market can be leveraged for any virtual asset that has value within a game or a fan community and is a particularly powerful tool for creating secondary markets within existing games ecosystems.

Large brands already reaping the benefits of collectible digital assets include F1, the NFL and Paramount.

Once a range of collectible digital assets has been created using the DAT Platform, game creators generate revenue both from the initial sale of each item and recurring revenue for every subsequent trade, forever. In addition, game developers and publishers also gain valuable insights into customer needs and behaviours through digital asset trading activity.

For gamers, each collectible item they purchase is authenticated and verified on the blockchain using a ‘smart contract’ – ensuring complete transparency and security of ownership for both buyers and game creators. Users will keep digital assets assigned to their accounts unless they choose to sell them on.

Co-Founded by video games industry veteran Tony Pearce and Danish entrepreneur Morten Rongaard, Reality Gaming Group is one of the few publishers to have successfully delivered a blockchain-based game. The flagship title, mobile AR combat game Reality Clash, pushes the boundaries of what’s possible when AR, VR, geo-location and blockchain technology are combined in ways never seen before – with the DAT Platform having evolved out of the game’s three-year development process.

Tony Pearce, Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group, said: “We’re tremendously excited to offer our DAT Platform solution and development services to other game creators and brands, who are now able to leverage the power of the blockchain to generate revenues from the world of digital collectibles, with all barriers to entry removed. Tokenizing digital assets is now expanding to include art, real estate and even digital images of famous people – Everything has a digital value!”

More information about Reality Gaming Group can be found here:

More information about Reality Clash can be found here:

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